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Ben Chentnik is a strategic designer and creative director with ten years of experience in the communications field. A strong conceptual thinker and exceptional designer, Ben has developed and implemented successful marketing strategies for a wide variety of industries. Ben was born and raised in upstate New York - way upstate - and moved to Florida at 23 years old. He has been practicing graphic design and photography since his teens, and web and marketing since his 20s. Ben’s motivation and inspiration for working with Flipside Canvas is to contribute his skill set and experience to honor those who fight for our freedom and protect us by providing people with art that embraces and represents their personal beliefs. 

Aside from working with Flipside Canvas, Ben has a marketing agency called Class 3 Creative, which provides web development, graphic design, animation, photography, videography, marketing and advertising to the firearms and related industries. C3C is also a federally license FFL and SOT. Ben is driven to continuously improve his skills in any way he can - he believes that the day he stops striving to be the best that he can be, he might as well throw in the towel. Outside of work and art, he enjoys firearms, electronics, movies, gaming…all that nerd shit.

These aren't decorations, they're declarations.

At Flipside Canvas, we believe in the power of owning who we are and making the most out of each day. We practice this through our actions, behaviors, and relationships. At Flipside Canvas, we believe that art offers an opportunity to showcase your commitment to empowering yourself and others. Our unique canvases help you to live authentically and inform others that who they are and what they do matters in this world. When you buy from Flipside Canvas, you not only receive high-quality art to decorate your space but you also join a community that shares the common goal of making this world a better place.